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Immigration law is complex, document-intensive, and constantly changing. It is impossible to master the subject without intense specialization. The objective is always to identify the best, and most cost-effective, visa solution for each set of circumstances. The client is entitled to receive clear explanations of visa options, strategies, costs and time-frames.

With over 31 years of experience, the practice has acquired in-depth expertise in consular processing, with particular reference to procedures at the US Embassies in Paris and London.

The US practice includes Treaty Investors who are forming or acquiring US enterprises (E Treaty Investor visas), and corporations who are transferring or recruiting personnel for US assignments (frequently H and L visas).

Corporate clients include industry leaders in such diverse fields as aviation, mining, manufacturing, high technology, advertising, perfumery and communications multinationals. It also includes one-person start-ups: pastry chefs, restauranteurs, consultants, retailers.

Individual clients include architects, museum designers, artists, musicians, dancers, models and fashion designers, in connection with visa petitions and work authorization, (particularly O and P visas), together with professionals seeking post-graduate internships or cultural exchange visitors (J-1 visas)..

The practice offers special expertise in obtaining and retaining, of legal permanent resident (green card) status, and on complex issues dealing with citizenship and expatriation.

The French practice focuses on corporations seeking to transfer personnel into France. The context may be intra-group transfers, new corporate acquisitions, or start-ups, and usually requires the securing of Schengen entry visas, authorizations for work, and long-term residence permits. Representative corporate clients include multinationals in packaging, mining, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, financial services, and entertainment groups.

Individual clients include retirees and individuals maintaining secondary residences in France.

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